Learning is inescapably linked to the performance of an organization and should therefore be in line with the organizational goals. A shared vision on learning and development is an important starting point. This vision determines the wishes and requirements for the learning solution.

Design and Development

YouKnow designs, develops, and realizes blended and online learning solutions. We don’t fit the organization’s request in our solution, but we develop a solution which fits the organization. We think independently of existing technologies and standard solutions. Our solutions are always innovative and sustainable.


We support organizations by taking on the role of project leader. From mapping how the organization wants to start learning, designing a content-based learning solution, to realizing this learning solution. We can also take on parts of projects or support existing learning & development departments in learning challenges.

We do this for the most
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Everything is possible, but do you want everything?

In our blogs you read our opinion about the latest L&D trends.

This time: About bells and whistles and LMSs

Fortunately, the time of obligating your employees to follow a refined PowerPoint presentation as an e-learning module is now somewhat behind us. No one wants to be chased by their manager to read huge amounts of screen content and click the ‘next’ button miserably until the end of the module. Everyone knows by now that the only thing you achieve is a decrease in enthusiasm and motivation from your employees.

But the trend that now prevails is the other extreme!

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