VUCA mindset? YouKnow mindset!

The main idea that we encounter about the current rapidly changing society, the ‘VUCA world’, seems to be the following: If you do not soon ‘VUCA” yourself as an organization, you will not survive! In this blog I first explain what the VUCA world is and what mindset an organization needs to have to survive in this VUCA world. After that, I tell how we, as YouKnow, approach the VUCA world!

I expect that there are a number of readers who think: “Wait a minute, what kind of world?!” Especially for you, the following: The term VUCA world originates from the US. Army War College in an attempt to characterize the complexity and unpredictability of the world. But the term has now also ended up in the business world. VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity:
Volatility: This concept refers to dynamics and change. Previously, with an organizational change, it was usually fairly clear what exactly had to be done differently. There was also plenty of time for an extensive step-by-step plan. That is no longer the case. Developments now follow each other at an unbelievably high pace. If you do not react fast enough to this information that flies towards you from you from all directions, you will be flooded.
Uncertainty: Many events around us have unpredictable consequences. Despite all the analyzes and good preparations, a completely unexpected result can nevertheless arise. This lack of predictability and the increase in surprises can hardly be prevented.
Complexity: The world and its rapid far-reaching changes are becoming increasingly complex. Changes do not just have one more obvious cause, they increasingly have underlying causes; it is a kind of complex network of cause and effect.
Ambiguity: This can best be described as ‘multi-interpretable’ or ‘vagueness’, which can then lead to obscurity. The chance to misunderstand things; to not know what factors are in play and how they affect our results.

Okay, great, now we know this. But how do you, as an organization, have to VUCA? Futurist Bob Johansen has a solution for this: organizations need to have a ‘VUCA mindset’! Bob Johansen uses the acronym VUCA as follows: Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility.
An organization must have a vision to create the future itself; that is the best way to predict in this world.
Understanding asks to stand still once in a while, to have the ability to perceive.
In addition, an organization must be able to give meaning, clarity to the chaos, to understand reality better by simplifying it.
And finally, agility is needed: you have to be able to adapt quickly as an organization, possess flexibility. It is much more about creating movement, experimenting, learning from it and taking a next step. Daring to break the familiar pattern and giving ownership to employees. According to Harold Jarche, this ‘ownership’ can be realized if, as an organization, you value ‘wirearchy’ (connectedness) higher than hierarchy.

Then we have arrived at the last part of the blog where I tell you what mindset YouKnow has to have a well-deserved place in this VUCA world. There it comes: YouKnow has a VUCA + TA mindset! What the TA stands for, I will explain in a minute. First the VUCA: At YouKnow we have a clear vision of ‘learning within and between organizations’, we are no yes-marbles, and we know where we want to go. In addition, we regularly take the time to look closely at what is happening around us, and then try to clearly map this out. Moreover, breaking through familiar patterns is something we actually do continuously: we are able to come up with new ideas and move on unprecedented paths. And we always want to continue to develop ourselves, mainly in contact with each other and with others; the term hierarchy does not appear in our dictionary either. So much for the VUCA mindset. Now the TA: This stands for Transparency and Accuracy. At YouKnow we are open and honest about our own qualities and pitfalls so that we can complement each other well while working on projects. And, last but not least, we work thoroughly at YouKnow. We believe that the road to a solution must be followed in well-structured steps. We therefore combine innovation with thoroughness, so that the solution is optimally sustainable in this rapidly changing world. Rather than a VUCA + TA mindset, I call this the YouKnow mindset!

What mindset has your company?


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