No vision on learning & AI? No future!

Me: Hey Siri!
Siri: Hey Chiara.
Me: Write a blog about how artificial intelligence can contribute to a more attractive learning process now and in the future!
Siri: This is what I found on the web.

Siri unfortunately did not write a blog for me, but referred me to some useless web pages. Okay, we’re not that far yet, but artificial intelligence (AI) is the new buzz word in the world of learning and innovating. And rightly so!

What is AI actually? Professor Goethals of the University of Antwerp speaks of artificial intelligence as soon as devices show intelligent behavior. Any idea what the square root of 1281 is? Your calculator does. “I think my calculator is intelligent,” Goethals explains. Personally, I think that is a very wide use of the term, a calculator can’t make predictions with the retrieved data. The somewhat stronger forms of AI can do this by using algorithms. A step further in the AI ​​world is the self-learning ability; being able to independently develop new algorithms, being able to make decisions without human input.

How is AI already used extensively in the world of learning & development? AI can contribute to a more attractive learning process, for example by improving the user experience of learning platforms. Based on ‘knowledge’ about the learner, this specific information is presented in a specific way. The more data, the ‘sharper’ the learning experience of the learner. In addition, AI offers managers more insight into the progress and development of the learners. And AI can automate repetitive tasks, such as answering FAQs and checking answers and tests. That way, learners get faster and more focused answers and feedback. The expectation is that AI will soon be able to lead to extensive personalized learning environments.

“A leader job is to look into the future, and the organization is not as it is, but as it should be” – Jack Welch

I can make this blog consist of loooong pieces of text about AI, its applications, and evolution! But it seems wise to me, if you have not already have done so, to delve into it yourself! Up-to-date knowledge of current technologies and how they develop helps you to make good choices for your (employees in your) organization. To not build a library tomorrow, so to speak, but something that fits within this and the zeitgeist. Even more ‘so to speak examples’: Why debate more asphalt, if it is already known that self-driving cars will soon be the norm? Why stop money in coal-fired power plants, while everyone knows that fossil fuels are finite and it is more rewarding to invest in wind or solar energy? And why put money in courses from A to Z, while AI can give your employees exactly the content they need? Why curtail your vision and invest in a relatively outdated technology for a learning solution for your employees, when you know that this will perish in the near future?

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