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Designing and developing blended and online learning solutions is our core business.
The learning solutions we develop for our clients are: 

The best fit

YouKnow is not about fitting the organization’s request into our solution. No, we look at which solution suits the organization best. We think independently of existing technologies and standard solutions. The requirements and wishes of the organization determine what the solution will be.

Easy to maintain

Due to the rapidly changing world, the content of learning material also changes rapidly. The material should therefore also be easy to adjust! You don’t want to depend on another party to be able to adjust the content of the learning material. We therefore ensure that the organization itself can adjust the content in a clear manner.


One-size fits all solutions are usually not a solution because there are different learning questions and preferences. Our solutions are focused on the organization and on each individual within the target group or on leaving the choice to the learner. Flexible also means that the learning material can be used in multiple ways.


YouKnow develops inspiring solutions and thereby stimulates intrinsic motivation. Also, a compliance training doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. We develop solutions that motivate and lead to more efficient learning in the organization.

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